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Public fitness equipment cannot be built no matter
The publisher:admin Browse the number:5118 Release time:2014/12/17

Now many communities with a public fitness equipment, pedal force equipment, stretching, flexibility training ... ... A wide variety of public fitness equipment exercise different parts of the body to allow residents to at the gates can be fit and healthy. But some of the communities within the public gym was badly damaged and lack of timely maintenance and updating, and affected residents.

Set outdoor fitness equipment, known as the "national fitness route project". In recent years in urban communities, villages, you can see many people exercise form, this is undoubtedly a benefiting charity, good fitness and gym equipment were welcomed by the general public from the outset.

But after a few years of use, and some fitness equipment is old, some equipment has been losing fitness function there is a safety hazard and no one cares.

States for daily maintenance of public fitness equipment with clear rules. Introduced in 2011 of the outdoor fitness equipment General requirements for safety, require maintenance by the manufacturer arising out of normal use is responsible for, and since malicious damage arising out of the maintenance of the recipient entity is responsible for. It should be noted that because the equipment installed in the "outdoor", this will bring some difficulties to the management. But no matter what, "safety first" is the need to adhere to the principles. Therefore, found at any time replace the existence of hidden fitness equipment, management should take responsibility.

To be safe, relevant functional departments should first establish account all public exercise equipment. For example: When do installation, service life long, these have a pretty good idea, time, or cannot be identified by the check is used, it resolutely, deactivate or update. II need a regular inspection system, inspection records. Especially those vulnerable components, there can be no more sloppy. In this regard, there can be no paralysis, once it's installed, you think everything is no longer interested. Thirdly, the community-recipient entity--to designate a person responsible for regularly keep in touch with the manufacturer, exclude equipment problems at any time. Of course, users should also abide by the rules, not using fitness equipment. Must turn things around, and can't let these waste management equipment is bothering people, "steel."